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The Naked Page

Author Jamie Sobrato's Diary


On Being Naked

It’s the inaugural blog. The blog that will set the tone for all future blogs. I should explain the name of this page first. I’m calling it The Naked Page for several reasons.

For one, like every writer I start out usually staring at a naked page on my computer every morning, trying to figure out how to fill it with words. But not just any words. These must be words that don’t suck. Words that tell a story. A story other people will want to read.


It’s a little scary. But no, what’s scarier still is when the page isn’t naked—when I’ve already written a bunch of crap on it that I have to fix. So if I have a choice, I’ll always choose the naked pages over the crap-filled ones.

Also, this is where I’ll come to let it all hang out daily. It’s my naked time. Just me--unedited, raw, in the pink, uncensored, etc. It’s my daily nod to exhibitionism.

Oh, and my characters are often naked too. Or at least in some state of partial undress. And then there’s the fact that I have a total Beavis and Butt-head sense of humor and never cease to find words like naked amusing.

Want to see how many more times I can use the word “naked” in this entry? We’d better not.