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I'm Alive!

I'm back from the silent void. I finished my manuscript around 2AM Saturday morning, after sitting in front of the computer for nearly 2 solid days. My ass is now flat and rectangular, like the chair seat it was molded to. But it's so good to be done!

Finishing a book feels very similar to childbirth, only there's no chance for an epidural, no doctor willing to come in and perform a C-section if things don't go as planned, no natural childbirth coach to see you through those final harrowing hours... But also there's no postpartum stuff to endure, so in that way it's a heck of a lot easier.

In other poinless news, my laptop is officially dead. Lappie has irreparable brain damage, I'm sad to say. But here's the cool part--my tech savvy husband was able to enlist the help of an even more tech savvy friend, and between the two of them they helped me rescue all the un-backed-up files from the hard drive. Hooray for people who understand computers!

So I'm back to shopping for a new laptop, preferably one in a cute color. Except the aforementioned husband keeps reminding me that having a laptop in pink or orange or red really isn't worth an extra thousand bucks. Damn it. He's right. So I'll settle for silver or white. Anything but black, because I've had black laptops for the past six years and am just sick of staring at the same color all the time.

The company who finally figures out how to market electronic devices to women--and I mean really market to them, not just offer a few extra colors and call that appealing to both sexes--offering good quality machines that are intuitive to use AND aethetically pleasing, will make zillions.


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