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The Next Big Thing: Guys with Perms

I'm usually a pretty laid-back girl about things I have no control over. Like cover art, for instance. Most readers don't realize that authors have little control over how our books look. We fill out a cover art questionaire, and months later we get a cover that may or may not look anything like we'd hoped it would.

I've been lucky with the covers I've gotten before. No one's had three arms, or a misplaced breast, or body parts arranged in impossible positions, so I've just smiled and caressed all my books (perhaps occasionally stripped naked and wallowed around in a big pile of them), happy that they've spelled my name correctly.

A few covers, I've even drooled over. Pleasure for Pleasure is my favorite, but As Hot As It Gets is a close second (check out the books page on my website if you don't remember them).

But the cover for my July book, Sexy All Over (sorry, not posted on my website yet) is another ball of doodoo altogether. After a few minutes of feeling ill over this cover that shows a guy who looks like Richard Gere with a perm looking at himself in a mirror and smiling, I just had to laugh.

I emailed my editor and asked her if it's too late to change the title of the book to "I'm Too Sexy for My Perm." Forget spikey, highlighted Josh Duhamel hair. Here's hoping tight curly 'dos becomes the latest style trend for guys between now and July. I need my book to sell!


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