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The House of Flying Dildos

I've been watching Asian films for the past decade, many of which are visually breathtaking in a way American films rarely accomplish, but what seems to be missing (at least in the films that make it to America) are many romantic comedies.

First let me say, if you didn't catch The House of Flying Daggers in theaters, be sure and watch it on DVD. It's amazing, funny, breathtaking, etc. A really good example of Chinese filmmaking at its best. The fact that it has some humor in it is a breath of fresh air in a genre laden with trajedy.

But if I were directing the movie, I think I'd have to liven it up a bit more. Like, instead of the heroine being an expert at knife-throwing, why not, say...dildo throwing? That could do some damage.

And why couldn't she have, like, an Austin Powers-style bra that shoots poison darts?

Speaking of costumes, why do the heroines in these movies always dress like men for fighting? Don't they realize if they just wore a skimpy bikini or maybe even went topless (whenever the bra runs out of darts), that there would be no fight? That their male opponents could be a hell of a lot more easily defeated?

Well, maybe The House of Flying Dildos will never make it to the big screen...but I'm just sayin'. Dildos are a lot funnier than knives. And they have the element of surprise going for them as weapons.