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Oh Constantine!

Somehow, through weeks and weeks of watching American Idol, I never noticed that Constantine Maroulis would be a perfect cover model for my upcoming July book, Sexy All Over (same one I mentioned yesterday that has been cursed with perm guy on the cover). Until yesterday, while I was moping over the stupid voting results Wednesday night.

He's got the scruffy, unshaven look, the shoulder-length brown hair, the smoldering brown eyes, the tall, lean build. And now that he's been so unjustly voted off American Idol, I just want to let him know, if he's out there reading this, that he could have a promising future as a romance novel cover model. Maybe someday when I'm a bestseller and my books are being reprinted, I can demand a new cover with him on it.

Well, actually, I think he has an even more promising career as a musician, and I hope he goes on to become a huge star. Screw AI. Screw dumb American voters who for reasons I cannot begin to fathom, are keeping in the badly dressed, bad-taste-in-music Anthony and the sluglike, expressionless, personality-impaired Scott.

Constantine, you rock. But even if you didn't, you smolder so well, who the heck cares about the music?