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The Naked Page

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Joining the Nudist Colony

I'm in the painful throes of the first chapter. I have been for more than a week now. It sucks. Nothing with my new book is going well. Nothing. The characters are stupid--oh, wait make that character, singular, since I only have one so far (perhaps a big part of my problem)--the plot is nonexistent, and I've rewritten the beginning at least five times. Each version is stupider than the last.

It occurs to me that maybe my file has been corrupted by some kind of unheardof nudist virus. The pages refuse to be written upon. They just wanna be naked. I mean, I can rewrite certain pages, but I can't seem to write any new ones. So maybe only some of the pages are nudists.

Maybe I just need to open a new file. Or maybe embrace the nudism.

Is it possible my agent would buy the explanation that all those blank pages are actually part of the story? That it's just kind of like...um...a naked story?


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