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I was at a store yesterday and spotted my November release, Any Way You Want Me.

If you're a regular Blaze reader, take note: they've stopped being released mid-month and are now hitting the shelves at the beginning of each month. Well, except some stores put the books out early, which is why my November book is already in some stores. Confusing, right?

In other news, I have a book due mid-December. What was I thinking when I picked that deadline? I'm attempting to do all my holiday shopping now, along with the cards and all the other stuff that I usually put off until the last minute. On the bright side, I usually experience a huge post-partum high after the delivery of a book, so maybe I'll spend the holidays feeling merrier than usual.

The book in question is one I'm excited about, part of a series I'm doing with Colleen Collins and Carrie Alexander. Mine has a sexy British hero and a kick-ass police detective heroine. More details to come.


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