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A New Toy

For those of you intently following the story of my dying laptop computer, it seems Lappie is not dead, but can no longer be relied upon for anything but internet use. He crashes inexplicably, makes weird noises, and experiences brain hiccups that make doing actual work on him impossible.

So with a book deadline coming up in two more months, I was determined to find a new laptop. I finished my last book on the husband's desktop computer while Lappie was in a coma. This left me cranky for having to sit in one place all the time (I like to move around a LOT while I write), and it left my husband curled up on the couch in the living room going through computer game withdrawal.

It became generally agreed-upon in the house, once the book was finished, that I should never touch his computer again, and that I must find a new laptop ASAP, so this weekend was my deadline.

And I did it! After shopping for weeks and getting really frustrated that all the laptops in cool colors cost too much money, I finally settled on a sweet little Dell 700M, which I ordered last night. It is pretty small and weighs about 4 lbs (so it fits in my purse), plus it is silver and white, colors I think are way condusive to creativity. And, it's got a beautiful screen--nicest I've seen on any laptop. The keyboard is just big enough to type on, which I elbowed small children out of the way to do at the Dell kiosk at the mall, and I have to say, I'm in love.


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