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Romantic Times gave my November Blaze, Any Way You Want Me, a 4.5 star Top Pick rating, and I don't point this out to brag so much as I do to not-so-subtly induce you to go out and buy the damn book.

Writers don't get a lot of feedback. It's weird, writing a 300-page book by yourself, then sending it off in the mail, and mostly what you hear back is a vast, empty silence. Sure, a few months pass and you get a revision letter from your editor. A few more months pass and you get line edits, then galleys. More months pass and the book finally hits the shelves.

But along the way, we get very little idea of how most people react to our work. Maybe that's a good thing. I don't know. I do know though that on those lucky occasions when I get a nice review, or a complimentary letter from a reader, I finally start to feel like the book was worth all that effort.


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