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Never Say Never

I hate to turn this blog into a boring chronicle of my computer travails, but here's the thing--Lappie's not dead after all! The husband came home last night with a plan to fix it, based on a tip given to him by the same tech-savvy friend who helped us the first time. So, apparently, the brain damage was reparable. And he's alive! The husband tells me the price of his services is that I praise him in my blog. So, dear husband, here it is: you rock.

This ends again my search for a hip little pink laptop, but that's okay. My practical side wants to get at least another few years of use out of Lappie before sending him off to the highest bidder on Ebay.

In other news, I have been profoundly unproductive today. Unless you count going jogging. I am attempting to 1.) do my part to conserve fuel, and 2.) get rid of the five pounds I gained working on my last book deadline, by walking/jogging the kids to and from school. This is actually fun, but it has the negative side effect of making me feel so good about my accomplishment that I'm not getting much else done.

Or I can blame it on post-deadline brain. A natural side effect of being creative for great lengths of time is that the brain eventually rebels and refuses to do much of anything but process episodes of Survivor and Clean Sweep. My brain needs a break, and I must respect its needs. Except more deadlines loom, so Brain is going to have to get off its globby gray ass and get back to work. ASAP.


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