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She Writes About S-E-X

I've been thinking a lot lately about how people react when they find out I write really sexy books. I've seen pretty much every reaction from lips pursed in disapproval to blatant enthusiasm. Usually the enthusiasm comes from unexpected sources, and the obvious disapproval comes from people who seriously need to untwist their big white granny panties.

Some people act embarrassed, then try to cover up their embarrassment with a sort of "hey, I really do like sex" bravado. I'm never quite sure how to react to any of this, so I usually just smile a little smile and say nothing.

I think sex and its effects on male-female relationships are one of the most interesting aspects of romance. Plus, it's fun. And at times, funny too.

But what's most fascinating of all is how we as a culture try to keep a dark shroud over the topic. It's okay for commercials and television shows and movies to scream sex in all sorts of nonverbal ways, but it's not okay to talk about sex in public? I think this is the biggest cause of the awkward reactions I mentioned above. People just aren't accustomed to talking about S-E-X with other adults.

And how weird is that?


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