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Bad, Bad Nipples

I heard about a news story this week claiming the makers of Desperate Housewives have to digitally remove Teri Hatcher's nipples from the show. Apparently, with all those tight shirts she wears, and with temperatures during filming often quite cold, her nipples get hard, and the show's producers are afraid America will have a cow over erect nipples.

Wow. Are we really that uptight?

In other less exciting news, I finished revising my synopsis earlier this week, as planned, and am now rewriting chapter one of a proposal I started a few weeks ago. I would normally bristle at the idea of throwing out an entire chapter and rebuilding it from scratch--especially a first chapter, since they're the hardest to write--but this time, no bristling. I'm not sure why.

I'm thinking maybe the original chapter just helped me get in the groove, get to know the character, and so it served a purpose. Maybe having written it will make the new chapter 1 go much more quickly.

Oh, the optimism! Can you see it dripping from your computer screen?

I'm going to go figure out how to work erect nipples into my new first chapter. It'll be a sort of nod to Teri Hatcher and her out-of-control nipples.


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