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This is Not My Life

One of the things people ask me most frequently when they find out I'm a romance author is some variation of, "So are your books based on your own life?"

Ummm... NO.

Not any more or any less than any other author's fiction is or isn't based on their lives. How's that for a confusing answer?

The books I write are contemporary fantasies for women. And I don't mean "fantasy" as in there are alternate universes or wizards or little men with big hairy feet. I mean "fantasy" as in escape from harsh reality.

I got married young, finished college, traveled around Europe for years on a shoestring budget, and had a couple of kids. Along the way I also wrote some books and have been lucky enough to sell some of them. I've had an extremely fortunate life, but not one that would be very interesting to read about.

I don't base the plots of my books on anything that's happened to me, although many of the little details in my books are a strong reflection of who I am and what I've done.

That's why I write fiction. I can make exciting stuff happen. It's really that simple, but trust me, my life's not THAT interesting.

Oh, and the love scenes? Yes, people actually ask me if I rehearse those. Well... Use your imagination.


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