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The Hand of God and Stuff

Oops, no blog posting yesterday thanks to restricted internet access (see below). Also, I have a cold. Should I list more excuses? No, I'll spare you.

Ever since I dropped my laptop a few months ago, it has been going a little wonky. Mainly just the internet connection though. Sometimes I can connect to the internet, and sometimes I can't. Sometimes it stops working for minutes, sometimes days, and my techno-savvy husband cannot fix it.

I can't decide if it's a blessing or a curse. But I'm beginning to wonder if it's the Hand of God operating through my computer. The internet connection invariably stops working when I have a book deadline looming and shouldn't be wasting time doing things like checking my email 50 times a day or querying Amazon to see if the cool new title I just thought of three seconds ago has already been used recently. It's like He knows I have no self-control and need an outside force to intervene.

Well. I've been trying to write a new proposal, not making much progress, having major life distractions, and voila--my internet connection has kicked the bucket again. I haven't been able to connect on the laptop for almost two days now. A sign from above to get down to business?

Speaking of my work in progress, I thought last week that I was really on a roll, and then...nothing. I'm trying to write a story that's quite a departure from what I've done in the past, and it's a lot fun, but it also is causing me to second-guess a lot. And agonize over every word. That said though, I fully intend to email the first chapter to my agent today to get her feedback on it. If she thinks I'm going in the right direction with it, then it's full speed ahead, and I'll be really optimistic and say that I think I can finish the full proposal by the end of next week.


Someone asked about my July book and whether I'd be posting previews of it on my website. Yes! Most certainly. Soon as I get off my ass and do it. For now, I'll just say, Sexy All Over is the first of my books I've ever re-read at the copyedit stage and felt really proud of. Usually, I re-read the story once it's in production and worry that I've done everything wrong, that I'm an imbicile and soon the general public will know, because it's too late for me to make major changes. This time, I didn't have that reaction, so I'm not sure whether to take that as a good sign...but for now, I will.


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