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He's Superfly

Superfly Perm Guy is coming soon to a website near you. Yes, it's true, I've given my web mistress the book info and cover for my July release, Sexy All Over, and I will announce here as soon as the stuff is on my website.

I can feel your anticipation through my computer. You're trying to imagine what he looks like, aren't you? Oh, wait, you don't know who Superfly Perm Guy is? Well. Lemme tell you.

He's the dork who some how ended up on the cover of my July book. The actual hero in the novel is HOT. I mean, even my editor got all infatuated with him (dear editor, if you're reading this, you know I'm just exaggerating for comic effect, right?). I'm STILL infatuated with him, myself. He's tall, lean but muscular, scruffy, with longish (to his shoulders) wavy dark brown hair, and do-me brown eyes. You know the type. He's a rebel.

So instead of a guy who looks anything that, I get Richard Gere with a perm on my cover. I know, I know, I've whined about it all on a previous blog, but it bears whining about again. Well, maybe not.

But making fun of my cover makes me feel better. I mean, this guy looks like it's 1979, age of the Boogie Nights, and even though he knows theses are the last days of disco, he's still gonna get his groove on. He's still gonna party. 'Cause he's superfly!


At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Melissa said...

Jamie, I saw your cover in RT. Sorry about the perm guy, but WOW what a great review! And it's so big...your name on the cover, that is. Does that mean you're famous now? :) Can't wait to read it.


At 9:46 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

Darn it, I left a comment earlier but it looks like blogger.com ate it. Well, anyway, I was just saying that yes, my big name on the cover means that I'm super-famous and that I will soon be changing my first name to "New York Times Bestselling Author."

Just kidding. The big names are the Blaze senior editor's idea, because she wants to focus, I believe, on building author names, but the look of the Blaze line will be changing over the next few months so I don't know if the big names will stay.

I really like the current Blaze covers (perm guy excepted), so I'm kind of holding my breath waiting to see how the look changes.


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