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Farewell Temptation

The romance line that launched my career, Harlequin Temptation, is being published for the last time this month in North America. It's a sad thing to say goodbye to an industry icon that lasted 21 years and launched the careers of many much bigger authors than me, but there it is.

The final four Temptation novels, written by Heather MacAllister, Leslie Kelly, Wendy Etherington, and Kristin Gabriel, are in stores now, so if you've loved Temptation over the years, this is your last chance to grab them off the shelves.

All the Temptation authors will move on to other Harlequin imprints or other publishers, or both. Many, like me, can still be found writing for Blaze, which was originally an off-shoot of Temptation.

So farewell Temptation. We're gonna miss you!


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