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Spreading the Love

It goes without saying that any week in which a writer's computer keels over is a bad week. But instead of moaning about that whole ordeal, I have to give props to a woman who's ingenuity helped me get some work done anyway.

Deanna Carlyle is a friend I met while living in Germany. She writes chick lit mysteries (among other things), and she runs a little motivational email list for writers. We have to meet certain writing goals each week or we get kicked out of the group, and honestly, that's the only thing that made me get any writing done this week. Not my looming deadlines, not my work ethic, and not my burning desire to tell stories. I'm new to the group, but I'm already grateful for the help I've gotten.

My naked pages now have words on them--crappy ones, but they can be fixed--and isn't that all a writer can hope for in a day's work?

I'm constantly amazed at all the help I've gotten over the years from other writers. I thought about posting a list of links to the websites of all the writers who've ever helped me, but the more I thought, the longer the list got, and then I realized it would be impossible to list all the names, because some of them helped annonymously (as contest judges, etc), and some kind deeds have probably been forgotten, sadly.

But hey, I've got a blog now, so when someone helps me, I'm spreading the love right here. Just because I can.


At 4:09 PM, Blogger Bronwyn Jameson said...

Jamie, you're so right about the helpfulness of other writers. They do make the best friends, support, allies, and motivators, don't they?

At 8:51 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

Hi Bronwyn! Yes, it's amazing how generous other writers are with their time and expertise. I think I'd still be slogging away unpublished and frustrated if it weren't for the help I've gotten from so many romance authors.


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