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Off We Go to Reno

The excitement, the networking, the 20-minute wait at every elevator! Yes! The Romance Writers of America National conference in Reno is almost here. In just a few hours, my flight leaves. My clothes are packed, my shoes are packed, my hair is done, my laptop is secured in its carry-on bag...am I forgetting anything?

Oh, yes, if you're going to be in or near Reno tomorrow, please stop at the Reno Hilton between 5:30 and 8:30PM to witness the largest number of romance authors you're ever likely to see gathered in one room. We'll all be signing books at a charity event that benefits literacy. The proceeds of every book you purchase will go toward the cause, and besides that, it's really fun. Admission is free, and this is your chance to meet me! What more could you want?

I'll be wearing hot pink, by the way. And sequins--only a few though. I'm saving my major bling bling for the nighttime events.


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