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Survival of the Fittest

I'm in Reno and have officially survived more than half of the conference. I have approxiately 20 brain cells left, five of which will expire as I compose this post.

My pedicure has also survived, as has my hairdo for the most part. My carefully planned wardrobe has even thrived. I believe one of my more stylish outfits is down in the bar networking with industry professionals as I type this. My clothes are way more outgoing than I am. Which is why I bring them with me to parties.

The Harlequin party is tonight, as is my literary agency's party. I'm going to bring my most sociable outfits with me.

I will survive this conference. I will go on to write more books. Many more books. I cannot however guarantee their quality, since they'll be written with those remaining 15 brain cells.


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