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Au Revoir, Writing Goals

I'm taking off tomorrow for a weekend trip to The OC.

That sounds so much hipper than the whole truth--that we're going there for an Armed Forces Day parade, in which our family will ride in an army vehicle while we smile and wave at the crowd. This is a perk of my husband's job, and while it may not be very hip, it's pretty damn fun. I mean, how many opportunities does one get to travel the streets of California in a combat vehicle? Not enough.

And it's touching too, to see all the people who come out to show their appreciation for the military. Torrance, CA, you rock!

But on the downside, I have not met my writing goals for the week. Sigh. Maybe a great burst of creative inspiration will strike me in the next few minutes. Or not.

Unless my hotel has internet access, I'll be away from the land of blog until Monday. Ciao!


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