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Dreaming of Dinosaurs

Back from weekend trip. Suffering from extreme crankiness caused by sleep deprivation due to resident two-year-old with strong resistence to sleeping in hotel rooms. Thinking we may never embark on another family trip in this lifetime.

Also, discovered that Torrance is actually in LA County, not Orange County as stated in my previous post. Please excuse geographical error.

Ahhh. Diet Coke caffeine is finally taking effect... I'm almost feeling perky. I have a feeling this high will be short-lived, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

On our way home from the parade, we stopped yesterday at LA's Natural History Museum to gawk at the dinosaurs. My five-year-old is all about dinosaurs, and this was a long-awaited treat for him. He still doesn't quite understand why his efforts to unearth dinosaur fossils in the back yard meet with constant failure, but oh well. I've got to admire his persistance.

This kind of single-minded belief in a dream--whether the dream is to discover a T-Rex in your sandbox or to publish your first novel--is the faith it takes to survive in the publishing world. There are lots of naysayers, plenty of practical reasons why you can't make the so-called impossible happen, and many frustrating obstacles. Not to mention the struggle to transform your naked pages into a fully formed novel.

If you can maintain belief in your dream above all else, you're halfway there. You just have to hold onto your shovel and keep digging.


At 11:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamie, how's your new book coming? Since your May 12 blog, we haven't had any updates on progress -- hey, do I sound like your old telemarketing boss? Will look for your next book in July ... will you be providing an sneak peaks?

At 9:17 AM, Blogger jamiesobrato said...

thanks for asking! I'll post news about my work in progress today--if I can figure out how I screwed up my account access. I will definitely be posting previews of my July book--should have done it by now but I've been lazy about my website--usually do that kind of stuff on weekends, but all month our weekends have been jammed with travel and stuff. Soon! I promise. :-)

And you're going to have to sound a little more threatening to be reminiscent of my old telemarketing boss...


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