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Call Me Crazed

I should be diving into writing my next book right about now, Call Me Wicked. It's due November 1 and should put me in a nice Halloweeny mood just in time for October 31st. I won't even need a costume, I'll bet.

Wicked will be released next summer as Blaze's first book featuring a heroine who's a witch. I can't wait. I wanted to do a whole witch series, because as a teenager I obsessively read Anne Rice's Mayfair witch books and the whole witch theme is now permanently imprinted on my psyche or something, but the editors want to test the water first with one witch book to see how it sells before considering a series.

If you read The Sex Quotient this summer, you should remember Lauren and Carson as secondary characters. Did you notice anything strange about Lauren? Well, duh, she's a witch. It was fun planting little clues in that book without ever coming out and saying it. So now you know.

Anyway, I'm feeling a little crazed and not exactly, ahem, diving into the book. I have revisions that my editor will be calling me with any time now for the book I just turned in, and I just finished writing up some ideas last week for her to look at for a couple of Superromances I'd like to write, so I'm nervous to hear if she likes them or not. As the days pass, I get more and more paranoid about her not liking them, and about my revisions being so huge that she's busy writing me a 20-page revision letter.


So what are you all working on right now? Distract me from my paranoia please.


At 12:52 PM, Anonymous Gary said...

What should I be doing besides sitting in my little room in Iraq? Who knows, maybe reading a romance novel to keep real here!

Relax, take a breather Jamie!

At 9:51 PM, Blogger Tim said...

Me... I'm working on my own novel which has just surpassed the 400-page mark, although I got a bit of aggravation the other day. And I started Edward Rutherfurd's Russka: The Novel of Russia today. Good but at 945 pages it's a bit chunky. And I'm finding it a tad difficult getting back into the 3000-word-a-day rhythm after a week off for some V & V. :-D

As for the flusterlation, I used to print out on both the library computer AND my parents' home computer... until I found out that the 12-point double-spaced Times Roman font at HOME is SLIGHTLY LARGER than the 12-point double-spaced Times Roman font at the LIBRARY! ARGH... it IS noticeable when placed next to each other and it throws the printing off maybe a line or two at first and then a lot more as things go on! :-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course, I discover this after four hundred pages, right?! :-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I'll be praying you get a good feedback about your revisions and your SR ideas. :-D

At 1:12 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Tim, you have my sympathy. I gave up printing a few years back, and I do all my editing on the computer now. I don't print out a manuscript now unless my editor wants a hard copy of the final draft.

At 1:13 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Gary, Thank you for the sacrifices you're making in Iraq. A romance novel sounds like a good escape.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Tim said...

The reasons I do it on computer and print out are simple: 1) I simply think faster than my hand can write with pen and paper and my typing I can slow down to let my mind catch up and 2) security reasons: if my disks crap out (and I save every day on TWO 3 1/2-inch disks for safety reasons) or a file corrupts I can go back and re-enter those pages. (In fact, I already have to redo pages 51-75!) I'm limiting myself to once every 25 pages from home. :-D

At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Sherry said...

Bring on the witches. Great idea! I love to see a twist on things. I am really enjoying the various types of vampire series, a few of the paranormals, and even the new Nascar series. I still can't keep my interest in some mystery lines - one particular line is only read in desperation when I run out of other books to read.

At 10:43 AM, Anonymous bethany said...

Wait, wait, wait, this is your blog, so it's your job to distact and divert us. Tell us about panties and writing sex scenes and you know, all that stuff.

What's up with us doing the work???

Okay, just kidding. Do your super-romances have super heros in them? That would be cool. Super chick in a super romance. Okay, that wouldn't be cool, but I'm easily amused. Amuse me, someone?

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous bethany said...

Oh, and if any of your are on myspace, you can come "friend" me. It is such a colossal time waster. . .


fun, huh?

At 7:40 PM, Blogger Tim said...

cool. I'm http://www.myspace.com/arkhangel :-D

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

I think I tried to write a Blaze that featured a sort of super-heroine. She had special abilities that allowed her to track down and kill aliens, but the editors shot it down, said it was too over the top for Blaze. Oh well. I do think they're going to do some super-hero stories in the next year or so, just not mine.

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

Myspace is weird, and disturbing. It's like high school all over again. I have to collect friends to look cool? Another chance to fail at the whole social hierarchy thing? No thanks. I've already endured sitting in the cafeteria alone because Bethany was cutting school more times than I want to count. I'll save myself any further humiliation.

Oh, and Tim, I checked out your page. Nice to meet you, so to speak. Lots of sparkly naked angels on your page. And is Jesus at a disco? Is that why he's surrounded by strobe lights?

At 4:39 PM, Blogger Tim said...

Thanks Jamie... :-) I redid the page last night... took the angels off and put a new flag up... and a new count down as TODAY'S MY BIRTHDAY! :-D I turn the big THREE-OH. I put the pic of Jesus up b/c it was the coolest one I could find. :-D If He's at a disco, it's a goth disco. Wait... isn't that an oxymoron? :-D And I'll czech your new site out soon. :-D

At 3:29 PM, Anonymous Gary said...

Jamie, thanks! Much appreciated!

Here's my address:

MAJ Gary C Kuczynski
Joint IED Defeat Organization
Field Team Iraq, Camp Victory, Iraq
APO, AE 09342

If so inclined, launch a good read out! I'd love to kick back when I can and have a good read! I'd owe you for the postage and the price of the book though!

Crazy question--why do you look familiar? Like I saw you before?

Anyway, love to have a good read. Thanks in advance!

Good luck with your writing!


At 5:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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