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The Fun Has to End

You know it's time for vacation to end when you're tired of having fun. Well, and truth be told, this wasn't entirely vacation for me.

I mean, I have galleys sitting next to me as I type this. They're glaring at me, really. They're glaring and saying, "Read me. READ ME!!!" (Galleys are the last version of the book I see before it goes to print. It's my last chance to read the book and make minor fixes, correct any typos that haven't been caught yet, etc.) They're due next week.

I also have a proposal that I owed my agent, like, months ago, that I have been trying to revise at night during this trip. Unfortunately, I have not mastered the art of revising while asleep. I keep leaving puddles of drool on the keyboard, which gets pretty funky and mucks up the keys after a while, as you can imagine.

Oh, and then there is the other proposal that I haven't started writing yet but that I should be working on right now since it's due next month.

I'm not sure what's sadder--the fact that I brought work with me on vacation or the fact that I'm now looking forward to getting back home so I can finish all the work.


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