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Of Absences and Book Releases

Allow me to dispell the rumors. No, I have not been kidnapped by aliens, I am not a runaway bride, and I am not on the lamb from authorities. Really. I know you've been wildly speculating about my absence from this blog, but the truth is far more mundane than you might guess. I've just been working.

Remember all that work I didn't get done while on vacation? I'm doing it now. You see, I have another trip starting next Tuesday, and I'm going to be raising the concept of "screwed" to a whole new level if I don't take care of some writing stuff before then.

So, I'm partway dug out of my self-created hole, well on my way to seeing the light of day again. Will report all future progress as it happens.

Happy now? No? Then feel free to continue speculating about the true nature of my disappearance to your heart's content.

Oh, but how could I forget the truly important news: SEXY ALL OVER IS IN STORES NOW!

Do your civic duty and go buy a copy. Right now! Please? Pretty please?

Seriously, this is your chance to see Superfly Perm Guy live and in the flesh. Then compare for yourself how he (the guy on the cover) doesn't quite do justice to the hero in the book.


At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Cindy Procter-King said...

And let's not forget that Romantic Times gave Superfly Perm Guy 4.5 stars! Sheesh, Jamie, must I do all your promo for you?


At 8:07 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

But of course!


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