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You Will Buy the Book

Always on the leading edge of technology--that's me. I've decided to take an innovative step in blogging. Today's blog is possibly the first in history that will attempt to deliver subliminal messages via the internet. By subliminal messages I mean ideas that you will not necessarily notice but that will become implanted in your subconscious nonetheless, causing you to act in a desired fashion.

Go to the store immediately and buy Jamie Sobrato's latest Harlequin Blaze novel, Sexy All Over.

So today's blog is sort of like a commercial, but not really. There will be no interruption of your regularly scheduled program, no annoying jingle to get stuck in your head, and no blatant use of sex to sell the product.

Sexy All Over is, above all, a really sexy book. Did we mention that the hero is totally hot?

This could mark a new era for online advertising. No more annoying pop-up ads, no more ridiculous spam in your inbox. It could be like an internet utopia. Well, except if you object to the idea of having ideas planted involuntarily in your head.

Get off the couch, go to the nearest bookstore, and buy Sexy All Over!

I bet you didn't even notice that this blog contains advertising. So you see, subliminal messages are the wave of the future, far preferable to the more conventional and clunky ways of raising product awareness.

You will buy the book! Do it now!


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