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Girl Talk Updated

Check out the latest Girl Talk conversation, in which Cindy and I debate the merits of procrastination. How could procrastination have any merit, you wonder? Well, read on: http://www.jamiesobrato.com/girl_talk.html


Guest Plot Monkey/Lost Reader Mail

I'm blogging today over at www.plotmonkeys.com on The Art and Craft of Knowing Nothing. Check it out.

Also, if you've sent me an email in recent months and haven't heard back, it's likely because I had a hard drive crash and lost all the data on my old computer. I tend to save up reader mail to reply to all at once, and I am sad to say I lost lots of reader mail that I hadn't replied to yet. so please know I'm not ignoring you! I do have emails from the past month, but my new email and internet situation have been pretty unreliable and it's kept me from catching up on everything yet.


Get It While It's Hot

It's hot whether you get it or not, but SEX BOMB arrived in stores yesterday. Yay! I feel like celebrating, because this book was no easy birthin', I tell ya. Just ask my beloved editor.

It took forever to write, from day one, involved much bleeding on the page, and for whatever reason, it was hell to edit. And edit. And edit again. The end result is a book I love though, so it's all good. And Romantic Times loved it too, even gave it their 4.5 star Top Pick review, which gave me some much-needed validation for all the hard work. Here's the juicy part of the review:

"Hot, funny, exciting and unique, Sex Bomb by Jamie Sobrato is a wonderful book. Ellie is a truly original heroine, and Christian is drop-dead attractive."

Aw shucks. I'm blushing.

And on to other matters, yeah, I've been a lousy blogger of late. But I hearby announce my intentions to start posting daily again. Or semi-daily. Or something along those lines.

Anyone have their own good news or bad news or whatever to post???