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The Naked Page

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New Website and Blog

Big changes afoot at jamiesobrato.com! I've done away with my old website (sob) and moved it along with my blog to WordPress.

I guess that means I'm saying goodbye to my Blogger blog. WordPress is groovy in ways that make the move worthwhile. I'll keep this blog at least during the transition. I doubt I have the fortitude to move all the content, but that's okay. Does anyone really need to dig back in the archives for our old discussions of panty preferences and such?

If you've moved a blog before and have any tips, I'd love for you to pass them along.

I know my new web presence isn't anything fancy, but I'm really happy to have complete control over it now, and eventually I'll get it all customized and flashy--just give me time. For now it still provides a place to find out about my new releases and waste time chatting on the blog.