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Author Jamie Sobrato's Diary


The Reviews Are In

Okay, so there is only one review, from Romantic Times magazine, but hey, it's a good one. I'm not exactly being all chatty on the blog these days (I had revisions due, so shoot me), and this is the best I can do for new content. Behold, my 4-star Romantic Times review:

"Humor and hot sex combine in A WHISPER OF WANTING (4) by Jamie Sobrato. Visiting a San Diego tourist trap, journalist Ethan Ramsey is offered "crazy passion" in the form of a lust potion. When he doesn't buy, the owner slips the bottle to the group he's in when police come into the shop. Ethan wonders if there's something more illegal than pretend lust and takes the bottle to Detective Nicole Arroyo to have it analyzed. They had a failed sexual encounter two years before, and he hasn't been able to get over her. When part of the potion spills on them, their attraction flares out of control. Good description (the salesman is a "tiny lizard of a man"), very hot sex, strong characters and an interesting plot make this a wonderful read. Since this is part of a series (Lust Potion #9), we don't find out if there's actually a potion."

I wrote A Whisper of Wanting during the most stressful, tumultuous, depressing months of my life (while going through a divorce and a move to a new city), and hearing someone say it doesn't suck puts a smile on my face. I can finally heave a sigh of relief that maybe my career isn't over after all.



Lust Potion # 9

My friend Cindy is a lovely human being who, among her many charms, possesses the ability to update my website. This is not the only reason I love her, but it's right up there in the top 10. My website is finally, after more months than I care to mention, updated!

So for those of you who've been literally wetting your pants waiting to hear more about my October Blaze, A Whisper of Wanting, you can now scurry on over to my website and read all about it. You can also admire the gorgeous and blatantly phallic cover.

Whisper is the first book in the Lust Potion # 9 Blaze miniseries. The second and third books, written by Colleen Collins and Carrie Alexander, will be out in November and December. I think we are doing some kind of contest where you can win something fabulous, but I am not sure what it is yet. I should probably know this sort of thing. Stay tuned for more info.


Call Me Crazed

I should be diving into writing my next book right about now, Call Me Wicked. It's due November 1 and should put me in a nice Halloweeny mood just in time for October 31st. I won't even need a costume, I'll bet.

Wicked will be released next summer as Blaze's first book featuring a heroine who's a witch. I can't wait. I wanted to do a whole witch series, because as a teenager I obsessively read Anne Rice's Mayfair witch books and the whole witch theme is now permanently imprinted on my psyche or something, but the editors want to test the water first with one witch book to see how it sells before considering a series.

If you read The Sex Quotient this summer, you should remember Lauren and Carson as secondary characters. Did you notice anything strange about Lauren? Well, duh, she's a witch. It was fun planting little clues in that book without ever coming out and saying it. So now you know.

Anyway, I'm feeling a little crazed and not exactly, ahem, diving into the book. I have revisions that my editor will be calling me with any time now for the book I just turned in, and I just finished writing up some ideas last week for her to look at for a couple of Superromances I'd like to write, so I'm nervous to hear if she likes them or not. As the days pass, I get more and more paranoid about her not liking them, and about my revisions being so huge that she's busy writing me a 20-page revision letter.


So what are you all working on right now? Distract me from my paranoia please.