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The Naked Page

Author Jamie Sobrato's Diary


Creativity Cross-Training

I'm blogging elsewhere today. My long-time pal Tessa Radley has her first Silhouette Desire novel out this month, Black Widow Bride, (Yay Tessa!) and to celebrate, she's having a blog party full of guest bloggers. I posted on the need to do a little creativity cross-training in order to keep the muse in shape. Check it out here.


Hurry to the Store! Right Now!

Sex As a Second Language arrived in stores this week and will be there for the next five minutes or so at least. I don't mean that as a comment on my incredible popularity (cough, cough), but rather as a warning about how briefly it will be on store shelves (two weeks max in some places). Hurry out and buy a copy! Pretty please?

Oh, and need I remind you that this is the book dedicated to you, The Naked Page People? How's that for sales pressure?