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The Naked Page

Author Jamie Sobrato's Diary


Naked Page People Dominate the Golden Heart

Two of our very own beloved Naked Page people have some excellent news to share. The announcements for Golden Heart and Rita finalists were made yesterday, and both Cindy Procter-King and Melissa James (AKA Avery Beck) got calls!

Congratulations, girls! Give us the scoop. And we want to know where you were when you got the calls, how you reacted, and what you're doing to celebrate.

For anyone who doesn't know (is anyone else even reading this blog anymore, since I became missing in action?), being a Golden Heart finalist years ago got me my first agent and my first book sale, so I know all too well that this is an excellent sign of good things to come. Can't wait to scream for you, Cindy and Melissa, at the award ceremony in Dallas! Good thing you're in different categories so you can both win. ;-)


Sex As a Second Language

I actually have a new book coming out April 1st. Here's the scoop:

Eurogirl: A single woman in Rome. Sleeping with hot foreign men. Waking up blissfully alone. Sharing all the yummy details online. It's life just the way sexcapade blogger Ariel Turner likes it until the ideal Italian bed buddy comes along.

Now she's found a candidate for that position. Marc Sorrella is drop-dead gorgeous and he has the most delicious moves!

Unfortunately Marc seems a bit too interested in Ariel's past and her blog—places she definitely doesn't want him to go. The best way to distract him? Turn the tables and dig around in his past. What she discovers just might revoke his eligibility for a spot on her top-ten-hotties list!


Spring Cleaning Your Brain

So yes, I'm still alive. Finished my book and am recovering, slowly but surely. I find myself looking around my apartment and realizing some serious spring cleaning needs to happen here.

And the same thing happens when I look at my creative life. Need to clean it up, dust away the cob webs, and get my writing to feel fresh again. But how do we do that? Have you ever spring cleaned your brain?

I think my spring cleaning will include exercising 5 days a week (since this helps in a round-about way), starting a strict routine of finishing my writing in the morning before I look at email or the internet, and trying something different (either in my creative life or my day-to-day life) regularly to shake things up.

How about you? What kinds of things jumpstart your creativity?